Zoe grew up in a world of creatives. Her love of fashion and art begin as a child as she spent much of her time traveling with her mother, watching her perform in custom made outfits for every show. Her love of writing and poetry she shared with her father as she found it a why of expressing her internal self. 

She combines her passion for writing poetry, with her love of music, design and sustainability to create clothing that speaks, expresses hidden parts of her, shares a compassion for the environment. Her designs and choice of colours portray how and where her emotions are in that given point in time. She believes that designers have a responsibility to make eco responsible clothing a norm, something that just is, leaving fashionista the pleasure of just enjoying the wear without the added stress of it's eco status.

Her love affair with photography, clothing design, music, poetry began at a very young age, from the first time she held a camera at age 7 to her first line of poetry at age 10yr. Morbid as it might have been, it was life.