Neutral Beat

Who is Neutral Beat?

An independently owned creative space created by Zoe. Neutral Beat is what she imagined  the love child of Jack Kerouac and Bille Holiday would be as expressed through writing, photography, music, dance, and art. The site was born out of a passion for expressive poetry, music, and the ever changing movement of art. "I wanted somewhere to write to keep my individuality, while still evolving in society". Combining a  love of the Beat Generation, music, jazz, writing, hip hop, dance, film; along  with a compassion for the environment neutral beat is about pushing to create something unique but simple as one evolves with time and change in taste for music, art, food for thought, love, life. Much of her work includes poetry and music, but she extends to other creative mediums when the mood hits.

Neutral Beat is everyone, and you are beat. The shy individual that shows himself through his clothes, art, book, and music. She is the traveller that is forever moving and never stops. He only sleeps to rest for a minute never wanting to miss the world and all its colours. She's always in love a romantic poetic that strums his guitar and reds Basho. Years of photos into the souls of others, born into music and art, endless expression through words. Neutral finds its inspiration through photography, poetry, writers such as Kerouac, Ginsberg, Hemingway, London and so on. Artist such as Dali, Basquiat, Okeeffe, allow room to experiment. Music of old and new hip hop, jazz, folk, afrobeat, kpop and more. There are no limitations, there is always change cause things can't always stay the same. I share it because I love it and I want you to love it too.